Swami Niranjanananda on Ashtanga Yoga – Patanjali Yoga

Yoga Says if You are able to improve the quality of Mind…then You have nothing to worry in Life…You will succeed in everything & anything You DO…in Your Profession life, Personal Life & Spiritual Life… “Dealing with Mind and Training One’s to manage Mind has been the subject matter of Ashtanga Yoga”

13 thoughts on “Swami Niranjanananda on Ashtanga Yoga – Patanjali Yoga

  1. Wonderfully inspiring satsang about Gunas and mental view point (Dog story) but not at all about Patanajali's Ashtanga Yoga 🙂

  2. I love to listen to this man. He is an inspiration to me. There are many of his teachings/ deliveries/ lectures/ preaching / here on YouTube. Haven't listened to any that have not been enlighting and up lifting. The people in his congregation are fortunate to have him. I have a regular hatha yoga practice I do at home and I enjoy it more when incorporating his imparted knowledge into the routine.

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